Thursday, August 18, 2011

Productive Day...

Recently talked over the prospect of 'props for profit' and came to a conclusion that with a couple people involved and a little luck with finding that niche'.
Idea right now is to build up a portfolio of work and skills, which I was planning on slowly doing with this blog anyway, now I have help. Not only that, but I have help from someone who has a few skill sets that I don't have.

Started about 9am, called it a day about 5pm. All in all about 3-4 hours of actual working time and we end up with a new template, a new sword, and parts for a new hammer glued and left to dry.

Not gonna say what the first two projects are just yet, though fans on the Facebook page can get a preview spoiler, but fans of BLEACH and Marvel might want to tune in next time for the next exciting episode of Dra.... 2DLogic Props!

Friday, August 5, 2011

First Post!

My first post on a new blog. Lately I've gotten into building replica props as a result of my girlfriend getting me to take the final leap on cosplay at last year's Anime Weekend Atlanta convention. The blog is created in a similar vein to that of Blind Squirrel and Volpin's blogs, partially to pay a bit of homage to two amazing prop builders who have inspired me and given me ideas on several builds already, and partially because it's an efficient design.

Right now this is just a labor of love. I will be posting work journals, templates, etc for the various props that I make for myself and my friends to hopefully give those who are interested in this kind of thing a little of the inspiration that I've gotten from other people's blogs. Who knows, if this project is well received this could turn into a commission business at some point.